California Judo Inc.




California Judo Inc., a 501-c-3 non-profit organization, is governed by a Board of Directors, per the California Judo Inc. Bylaws. The CJI Board of Directors consist of a designated delegate from each CJI club member.

Procedure for California Judo Inc. Club registration:

Please send CJI Club application with payment for membership to the California Judo Inc. Secretary: Mark Davis

  • Your club will then be recorded and register as a current member.

Mail Club application to:

Mark Davis

19 Amberwood Circle

South San Francisco, Ca. 94080

email: globfly@sbcglobal.net

California Judo Inc. Officers

President: Mitchell Palacio - mtpalacio@msn.com

Vice President: William Desmole

Area Vice Presidents:

Northern California: Mickey Davenport

Southern California: Ed Shiosaki

Central California: Jeff Takeda

Pacific Southwest:

Secretary: Mark Davis

Treasurer: Michele Burleson


Coach and Teacher Education: Hayward Nishioka

Registration Chairperson: Mark Davis

Promotion Chairperson: Mac Takeda

Standards and Certification: Mac Takeda

California Judo Inc.


  • 2017 CJI State Championships
  • Sacramento
  • May 6 -7, 2017

Team Awards

Congratulations to:

  1. Stanford Judo: 155 pts
  2. Cahill's Judo Academy: 155 pts
  3. Cupertino Judo Club: 146 pts.
  4. Tri Valley Judo: 134 pts.

Seiryoku Zenyo

Mutual Welfare and Benefit

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